Just a thought

Art school is hard.

On one hand you are there to learn technical skills so you can be more ‘professional’ and that’s awesome and useful, and lets you do a whole new spectrum of things that you didn’t think you would be able to pull off.

But on the other, you are put under pressure to conform to the accepted artistic conventions. You start noticing clichés and repetitions, you pick your own work apart and start only creating things to satisfy grades and tutors.

Many of my ‘art school friends’ have said the same as me. After going to college to study art, the creativity has gone, I no longer create art for fun because I’m so focused on what has to be done.

Certainly BA year has been a lot better and we have been encouraged to do as much creative free thinking as possible, but it seems too late, my creativity has been broken, and nowadays I am more of a thinker. I think so much into art that I hate it all. I miss the days where I created things because they were pretty and that was enough.

I know it is kind of preparing you for working in an art industry but that makes me sad that the professional ‘creative’ world is actually not that creative, it’s more structured and elitist. That world seems closed minded and uninterested in anything ‘different’. Different in this way meaning anything not weird and conceptual. It’s gone so backward.

I should make some art about this….